Summer 2014

You say “I call” or “You call” a lot instead of “I SAID, You SAY, etc.”

You also have been telling me your feelings a lot which is very mature and cute of you. If we give you a timeout: “You can’t call timeout to me! I sad. You hurt mah feerings!”

July- Last time it rained we played in the puddles. It’s pouring out today and you kept asking ” I go stomp stomp with mah feet” I go BOOM BOOM!?”  It took a bit, but I finally got what you were saying and we went out to play in the puddles.


You don’t want to fall asleep at night unless I lay with you. I’m not sure if I should let you learn to fall sleep on your own or not… you get so upset if I leave: “I can’t go sleep…You snuggles with me? Aw man…Poor Poor Oliver….”   It’s SO CUTE so of course I stay.

You’re getting bossy but that’s normal 3 yr old stuff. You turn my head so that I’m looking at you while you fall asleep. You don’t like it if I don’t keep watch over you! You also pretend your hands are Flappy Guys. You LOVE Flappy Guys. We watch videos on YouTube all the time and you like to see the Flappy Guy at Daddy’s work. These are Flappy Guy faces:



You like to help me when I practice for my newborn photography sessions:



“My love you too, Mama”

“Me too love you!”

You talk about yourself in third person “That Oliver’s ball?” “An Oliver have some?”

You sing along at night when I sing Bushel and a Peck. ❤  Sometimes you ask for it but you don’t like when Daddy tries to sing it, only Mommy. “Dada can’t Bushel Peck me. Mama Bushel Peck me!”

Your 3rd birthday was great. We made you an Eh Eh Eh doll. (The earth guy from Only One Everything) “Happy Birthday to you too Mommy!”



The beach in Buffalo!



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