Spring 2015

New Market, MD 3 yrs old

You’ve started lying and it’s kinda adorable…

You are you “waffle toast” for breakfast then turned to me and said “My waffle toast fell in the trash…it all gone in the trash so… so…so I need a chocolate popsicle”   MMmmm hmmm….


There’s a cool beach in our neighborhood. That’s you and Sky playing.

Your blobby babies. You love them. They are literally babies to you.

Your new supercool room!

We’re playing Little Big Planet. You’re REALLY good at video games.

we were both sick 😦

Going to learn to swim!

Oops…mommy tried to touchup your mohawk…we had to go to the salon…

you and your cousins

You’ve  started stealing stuff!! I picked you up from school and once you were in your carseat you waited for the teach to walk away and then you went “Hee hee hee” and pulled a toy out of your pocket!

A month later we were at the nature center on a field trip and you tried to shove a stuffed animal spider in my pocket and whispered “PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET MOMY!!”

We had a long talk about why we can’t take things that don’t belong to us. It’s cute now but hopefully you don’t show up one day at 16 years old with a mystery car in the driveway….lol

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