Fall 2014 & early Winter 2015

We still live in Buffalo. You’re 3 years old.


“Robot too late! Robot too late!”  You say this in a robot voice. You and PauPau started it…no idea what it means.

Oliver, can you be a little quieter with your hammer?  “Oh…of COURSE!”  You’re so polite.

Oh no, I forgot my tea! “Don’t worry, Mom. You can go to the soscery store. Don’t worry..”

You say “emission” instead of “ignition”. This is during your make belive rocket blastoffs

Oliver: “Mama, I pushing so hard! I push the poop so hard it not coming out!”

Honey don’t push the poop. Just let it come out naturally.

Oliver: “… … … …sorry, Poop. Sorry for pushing you.”





Moving back to MARYLAND! We’re gonna stay with Nana & PauPau for a while…

I took you to play at the creek where I played as a kid.



You LOVE your Halloween costume. “Robot too late!”


Uncle Cliff is playing along too…his costume isn’t as cool but he tried.


SOOOO my child.


PauPau and you are bestfriends


The worst day of my life! Your peepee was “sharp” and you were in pain so we went to the hospital. You had to get a cathatar put in AND shots. You want me to kick that nurse lady and throw her in the trash. I’m sorry buddy!!!


On Christmas you met “Santa” aka my Uncle Jeff. You were awestruck and you still talk about it (a year later)


We have a new house! We got black floors and you LOVE them.

Playing video games


Sky is our neighbor and he’s your new bestfriend.

YOU BROKE YOUR HEEL!! You jumped off my bed. You really love your black cast though!

You LOVE cold things. You’ve always loved eating ice chips but now you put everything in the fridge…waffle toast…donuts…chips…cheese…I find stuff in there all the time that you’re “Saving for later”




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